AFJROTC Dress and Appearance Information

This page has information will link you to resources for rules on proper uniform wear.

  1. Chapter 7.  This chapter describes how AFJROTC cadets will wear the uniform and maintain Air Force grooming standards while in uniform.  You will also find how to affix rank and nametags to your uniform in this book.

  2. Air Force Instruction 36-2903This is the official list of rules for the wear of the uniform, proper grooming standards, and other information for appearance.  We follow these rules and cadets are graded from these standards.  Go to the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) for more information on dress and appearance standards.

Uniform wear is Wednesdays.  Cadets will be graded based on their Uniform Inspection results.

*** If cadets are not issued a uniform, then they will wear BHS Dress Code appropriate clothing for uniform inspections.  All grooming standards must be complied with (hair, jewelry, make-up, fingernails, etc.) when undergoing their inspection in BHS appropriate clothing ***