Uniform Dress Policy

The Beaufort High School Uniform Dress Policy was developed, reviewed and approved by the school's Student Government, Faculty Cabinet and the School Improvement Council.
Tops must be...
1. School colors (school approved logo only). 
2. White, Black, or Green (any shade – however, no fluorescent or neon green).
3. Collared, turtleneck or mock turtleneck.
4. Students are permitted to wear Hunter Green,  White, or Black BHS Spirit T-shirts as their uniform tops Monday through Friday! Shirts must contain a BHS Logo.
5. Black, gray, green or white T-shirts (long or short sleeve) may be worn under uniform shirts – this applies to both males and females.          
6. Hooded sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn over an appropriate colored under shirt top—these must be solid and of the designated school color undershirt: Black, White, Green or Gray. 
7. Students are required to have a properly fitting white, green, black, grey shirt underneath hooded sweatshirts
8. No sheer or see through tops are authorized.

Bottoms must be...
1. Solid khaki, black or navy.
2. Dresses must be of sufficient length and school colors.
3. Bottoms must be free of graphics and embroidery. This includes insignias, words or pictures.
4. Shorts, dresses and skirts must be modest and of sufficient length.
5. Undergarments must not be visible.
6. Bottoms may not exceed one size larger or smaller than necessary for a proper fit.  Leisure wear,  lounge pants, sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings, or any athletic shorts/pants are not permitted.
7. Jeans (of any color) may not be worn.
8. No Cargo shorts/pants will be permitted.
Footwear must be...
1. Closed-Toe shoes, sneakers, loafers or heels.
2. Heels must not exceed two (2) inches and must be closed-heel or with a back strap.
3. Exposed socks may not exceed the bottom of the knee.
4. Laces on shoes and sneakers must be tied. 
5. Flip flops, crocs, and slippers are not permitted. 

Coats/Jackets (Outerwear)
Coats and heavy jackets may not be worn inside the school building during the school day. Outerwear may be worn to school and placed in the student’s locker. If a locker is not available, it may be hung in the classroom or other location designated by the principal and/or the principal’s designee.
Hoodies, light jackets, sweaters must be school colors (Pattern/logo must be school color of green, white, black, grey). There are no size restriction to the logo.
Hoodies, light jackets, sweaters may be worn during a class change if the student is exiting the building. 
Outerwear may be worn to school and placed in the student’s locker. If a locker is not available, it may be hung in the classroom or other location designated by the principal and/or the principal’s designee. 
Blankets will not be permitted to be worn. 
The principal and/or the principal’s designee may make an exception if the building or classroom is unusually cold. 

UNIFORM DRESS POLICY General Information
Tops and bottoms may not exceed one size larger or smaller than necessary as determined by school administrators.
Bottoms must be worn at the natural waistline.
Belts if worn must be properly fastened at all times.
Belt buckles must not be oversized, computerized, or have any writing that is considered offensive.
Cargo-style bottoms are not permitted.
Large pendants or medallions are not permitted.
Chains, spikes or any adornment that could be perceived as or used as weapons are not allowed.
Gang-related clothing, accessories, symbols or intimidating items of dress, as identified by local law enforcement agencies, are not permitted. 
School colored HeadBands are permitted. 
Head coverings that are not permitted include: hats, caps, bandanas (used as a headband is not permitted), curlers, masks, visors, kerchiefs, athletic sweatbands, earmuffs or sunglasses, sleeping bonnet. Head coverings shall not be worn, carried, hung on belts or around the neck or kept in classrooms during regular school hours. 
Long bead necklaces and/or oversized jewelry are not permitted. 
Uniforms must be worn during the school day unless special days are designated by the administration.
A two week grace period will be afforded to new students from the enrollment date to obtain and wear the proper school uniform.
Reasonable consideration shall be made for students because of religious beliefs or medical reasons through a waiver request in writing from the parent or guardian, and must be approved by the principal or the principal's designee. The principal or designee has the right to request additional documentation from medical officials and/or religious leaders.
Clothing that violates the requirements listed above. 
If you are wearing a hat, it will be confiscated. Do-rags/Bandanas are not permitted on campus.
Clothing that promotes or advertises gang affiliation, including bandannas.
Clothing that has pictures or language of any offensive or obscene nature.
Clothing which displays or promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
Any eye wear that is not for prescribed reasons (costume contact lenses, sunglasses, etc.)
Anything the administration feels could possibly disrupt the school environment (shirts with personal writing, confederate flag shirts, "Black Power" shirts, etc.)

First - Fourth Offense: Students shall be informed that they have violated the policy by receiving a blue slip from their teacher. They shall be given an opportunity to change into acceptable clothing by using available clothes at school or by calling a parent/guardian to bring clothes. If neither of these options is used, students may be placed in an in-school suspension/alternative setting for the remainder of the day. 
Fifth Offense: A fifth infraction of the policy shall be considered as defiance. In addition to the disciplinary actions available for a first - fourth offense, a parent/guardian conference shall be held. 
Sixth Offense and Additional Offenses: A sixth or additional infraction of the dress code shall be categorized as a Level 2 for Refusal to Obey. Offense as outlined in the Beaufort County School District Code of Student Conduct, subject to the consequences outlined therein, including out-of-school suspension. Disciplinary action may vary when a student has a record of other student conduct violations during the current school year. 

Students who do not comply with the dress code may be excluded from participating in certain extracurricular school programs. Copies of the dress code shall be made available to students and parents. 

Reasonable consideration shall be made for those students who, because of a sincerely held religious belief or medical reason, request a waiver of a particular guideline for dress or appearance. The waiver request shall be in writing from the parent or guardian and approved by the principal and/or principal’s designee on an annual basis. In considering a waiver request, the principal and/or principal’s designee has the right to request additional documentation from medical officials and/or religious leaders. 
New students to the school may be given a ten-day grace period from enrollment to obtain and wear the proper school uniforms.