Nicoleta Langley

Hello My Name Is...
Nicoleta Langley

I am a Professional School Counselor with  master’s degree in Psychology and School Counseling.  I grew up in a communist country in Eastern Europe called Romania. I came to the United States after finishing college. I have been a Spanish and English as a Second Language teacher for 11 years before transitioning to guidance at Beaufort High School in 2018. 
I believe that the students’ emotional being is the most important aspect for them to succeed academically and accomplish their career goals. Therefore, I take great responsibility and honor in helping your child shift from low vibration feelings like fear, apathy, guilt, or shame to love, joy and acceptance. 
I have created a club for our female students to guide them on the path of transformation by becoming more empowered and authentic. Self -Love and Empowerment for Women is a safe environment where our young ladies can express themselves and learn powerful tools that help them manage stress, raise their self-esteem, while using breathing exercises, mindful meditation, affirmations, and visualizations. 

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Phone: 843–322-2172

“A Miracle is a shift in thinking, a shift from fear to love.”
― Marianne Williamson