Principal's Message

Welcome Eagle Community,

We are very excited to welcome this new Academic Year! We believe being an Eagle is something you can be quite proud of as you explore and take advantage of all opportunities offered by Beaufort High School.

Beaufort High School focuses on supporting all students in developing the world-class skills, and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. Courses and program elements prepare students for college and career within a focused field of studies and significant area of emphasis. Students enroll in core academic courses as well as career-focused classes. Providing high-quality staff development and educational resources for our students and staff is our priority.

We offer a curriculum designed to emphasize science and math for our students in the ninth through twelfth grade. We have expanded our course offerings to include career and technology pathways and course sequences to allow students to earn completer status in their area of choice. We provide opportunities for students to participate in dual enrollment courses at the community college level.

The ultimate goal for our students is for them to be prepared through providing opportunities in multiple language development, science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), the arts and social sciences along with the interpersonal skills, self-direction, and integrity to successfully enter the job workforce and/or meet the criteria to enroll in the educational field of the student’s choice.

We believe in providing students with the right opportunities to create bright and promising futures. We believe in promoting excellence in student academic achievement and preparation for Careers and College. Beaufort High School is primed to be among the leaders in the areas of teaching and learning to create students who are equipped to SOAR.

Come SOAR with us!

In Academic Excellence,

Charity B. Summers, Principal


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