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Razina Glass-Pringle

Razina Glass-Pringle

Hi, My name is Razina Glass-Pringle, I am a highly qualified Physical Education and Health Instructor, I have taught for 31 years in South Carolina’s public school system. Before coming to Beaufort High school in 2001, I taught at Robert Small Middle for several years. I find that I have taught many of my student's parents there between 1992-2001. I am also a native Beaufortonian If I did not teach you I may have attended Beaufort High School with many of you as this Beaufort High is my alma mater, in 1980 when I graduated my last name was Singleton. For those of you not from the area, welcome to the area, and I look forward to meeting you as we partner with your student to make the experiences here both positive and productive. Welcome to the Physical Education department don’t hesitate to call me if you need me!

Students report to class and immediately begin a bell ringer assignment, they will write a one paragraph interpretation of a posted quote in their notebooks to be submitted once a total of twenty quotes are reached (a five to ten minutes for activity).

Students will then report to the locker room to change out for PE (five minutes for task)

Students will then run two warm-up laps then the warm-up routine (fifteen minutes for activity)

Students will then receive the objectives and procedures of the day any bulletins for upcoming assignments (five minutes for intro.)

Students will engage in focus activity of the day (forty-five minutes approximately).

Students will be called together ten minutes before class ends to summarize the lesson and hear the introduction of the upcoming lesson.

Students will be allowed five minutes for changing back into their uniforms.