Nancy Ungvarsky

Hello My Name Is...

Dr. Nancy Ungvarsky

I am a Highly Qualified (HQ) certified teacher in Biology.  I currently teach Biology I (H) and AP Biology.  My goal is to help students to become well-educated and productive members of our community. I believe that the problems that our society must overcome can be solved with a curious mind, an optimistic attitude, and hard work. I strive every day to pass my enthusiasm for science and my curiosity about the world on to my students. I have been teaching at Beaufort High School since 2009. I initially earned my teaching certification through the South Carolina PACE program for alternative certification. I went on to earn a Masters of Education in Secondary Science in 2013 as part of the BCSD Core Cohort in Science and Math. Before coming to Beaufort High School I was a lecturer and post-doctoral associate at Georgia Tech. While at Georgia Tech, I taught or co-taught classes in Introductory Biology, Ecology, Sensory Ecology, and Advanced Research Methods. Prior to coming to Georgia Tech I completed my doctoral dissertation in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Pittsburgh in 2006. In 1998 I earned my B.A. in Biology from Cornell University.