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Bradley A. Smith, MPH, CHES


I am a Highly Qualified, Certified Teacher of Science, Health Science, and Biomedical Science. Purveyor of Knowledge and the Power of Logic and Reason

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I tell my students, "ultimately, every disease is a disease of the cell".  Our knowledge of the small things influences our ability to influence the big things.  This is true in biology as well as in life.  It is the small things, a kind word, a friendly gesture, a silly joke or poem, that have the ability to brighten our days and engage us in interaction with other people.  This is how we learn.  this is how we should live.

Cells are important as they make tissues.  Tissues make organs.  Organs make organ systems and organ systems make us function as human beings.  Teamwork, sharing, working for the common good, these are the lessons of the human body, these are the lessons for life.


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